Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies are theoretical knowledge or practical applications that will take us a next level experience that mankind have or have not ever seen or realized. It is new & it has the power that will radically change our future lifestyle or history

It includes various types of technologies:

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the machine or software that is operated & controlled by a computer. It is a tremendous invention of computer science in this decade. AI is trying to reach human brain’s efficiency.

It can understand the environment then adjust with it, take quick decision & maximize its success rate. AI is improving data security, fast decision making speed & accuracy.

The minimum use of our brain may be replaced one day by AI decision.

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is introduced to recover abnormal gene to normal. Lack of necessary protein some genes maybe lose its functionality. Gene therapy can restore its original functions of the protein.

Some viruses are used as vectors. They enter the affected cell & modified itself so that the damaged cell loses its power to harm our body.

Biometric Technologies

Biometric technologies are becoming most popular in the world in Security & access control procedure.

It has not public acceptance worldwide yet but it will be our daily lives examples one day.

Biometric technologies use Face, Fingerprints, Hand geometry, eyes iris & Voice.


Industrial robotic arm technology has introduced in china successfully for the rising of automation. In 2038 it will be world’s best overused technology.