The present age is the age of information and communication technology.Information and communication technology has brought the whole world in our hands.

IP TV or internet protocol TV is an entertainment medium that relies on information technology.TV signal comes with internet.Which doesnot require an antenna.It is downloaded and broadcast on the internet through IP TV. One of the aspects of IP TV is video on demand or (V&D).Iflix or Netflix is a service like V&D.On IP TV, dramas,movies various types of programs and TV serials are given in different  playlists.As a result,he can enjoy such events as he wishes.

The way we watch Tv through discable is not very different from IP TV.The cable of IP TV has to be connected like discable.For IP TV, 5 to 10 MBPS speed internet is required.HD images can be viewed continnuously on IP TV.Internet based TV will be added directly to the internet cable TV.Computer IP TV is avilable to watch.The show is live on IP TV.The event can be recorded at the same time sent via the internet.IP TV the latest technology in the world today.

Its demand is increasing day by day.Internet  television has entered mobile phones