Networking Solution

The future of networking is wide open

Though the foundation of all communications, such as secure voice, video, data, and more, your network is critical infrastructure. In this time, it’s being pushed to the limit by the demands of this cloud computing, mobility, social media and big data technologies. The providers  that demand maximum network scalability, performance and security are already facing server scale and manageability challenges with their legacy network platforms.There your need to optimize your network for access to cloud applications, an increasingly mobile workforce, Internet of Things , or any combination of the three, ledp has solutions to fit your needs. We are scaled from the smallest to the largest deployments. Transform your goal operation by connecting  to your employees, customers, and business partners anytime, anywhere with resiliency and security.

Switching and Routing



Servers and Storage


IP Surveillance
UTM or Firewal

LAN Security

Management and Advanced Security

1. Manage both wired networks and wireless
2. Network Access Controls.
3. Intrusion Prevention System.
4. Security Information and Event Management.

Wireless Interface:

  1. Wireless Controller like Hardware, Virtual,
  2. Cloud Based.
  3. Indoor 802.11 n or ac APs.
  4. Outdoor 802.11 n 0r ac APs.
  5. Smart Panel in-room AP.

Copper cabling

The copper wireding is always evolving to keep up with new processors speed, softwares, applications, and protocols. We offer the latest technology cabling solutions cat 5/6/7 to our customers. For getting satisfy diverse customer requirements, we deliver a complete copper cabling solution, along with coordinated terminations at both network rack & workstation side stations.

Needless datacenters needing more space for servers, storage, and switches, we can provide modular construction with high-density panels offering everything in 1u and maximum connections in a minimum space.

Application Interface:

Fibre Optic Cabling (FOC)

The second method of network data cabling and wiring system is fiber optic cabling.

We always deliver appropriate solutions geared to perform even in harsh and demanding operating environments. We propose to use single-mode and Multi-mode fibers for longer distance and short distance applications respectively.