Surveillance System

Surveillance is the monitoring of Conduct, Activities or Information for the purpose of Collecting or Managing data. It can include observation from a place by the electronic equipment like closed-circuit television (CCTV) or interception of electronically transmitted Info like Internet traffic. People believe that these tools can prevent Terrorist and Criminal activities from the Society. Mostly, Government uses it for intelligence gathering, prevent crime, the protection of a process, person, groups or objects and investigate crimes. It is also used by businesses for collecting their competitors, suppliers or customers information.

For a Successful Surveillance you have to follow few Steps, those steps are__

Law agencies and government want to gather info about a crime, prevent crime or investigate crimes that have already taken place, then they use surveillance. Surveillance is defined as conducting close observations of a person or a group.

Various types of Surveillance __

Computer and Network Surveillance:

Computer and Network surveillance involves the monitoring of traffic on internet in the Present World. Without real-time monitoring by federal law enforcement agencies, anything can happen by the Cyber Criminals.

Video Surveillance:

Surveillance cameras (Closed-Circuit television- CCTV) are used for the purpose of seeing an area. These cameras are connected to a recording device or IP network and it is often watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer for preventing an unwanted Criminal activity.

Social network Surveillance:

Another common thing of surveillance is creating maps of social networks based on data from social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter as well as from traffic analysis information from phone call records.

Biometric Surveillance:

A technology that can measures and analyzes human characteristics for authentication, identification, or screening purposes. Biometric Surveillance works using physical characteristics include fingerprints, DNA, and facial patterns etc.

Aerial Surveillance:

Aerial surveillance is the collection of visual imagery or video, from an air-vehicle like Drone, helicopter and spy plane. Military surveillance aircraft use e.g. radar for monitoring the battlefield.